Antialiasing embedded fonts in static text fields

Hi folks,

I’ve been struggling to get some text antialiased in a static text field in CS4. The text field is using an embedded font, with antialiasing set to “Anti-alias for readability”.

The field is referring to the font symbol in the library and the symbol does not have bitmap text enabled.

When viewing the field itself, the text looks properly antialiased. The field is inside a graphic symbol. When I navigate out of the graphic symbol, the text loses its antialiasing. It is also not antialiased when published.

Does anyone know what’s going on? It has something to do with the font symbol, as it antialiases properly if I set the font to the actual font on the system. It’s not a standard font though, so will need to be embedded.

The three images show the text in the text field, the symbol and the published swf.

Any suggestions?