Problems with antialias pixel font

i’m using a pixel font in a flash movie, because i don’t want that
antialiasing style to my text.
The problem is that if I use static text, flash will antialias the text.
To get around this problem i transform it in ‘dinamic’ text
fields, but if i embed outline font, the final work appears antialiased. If i don’t embed the font, the final user that don’t have it on their system will not see it…

I already break text apart but gets always with that antialias style…

Other things i did: positioned text field x and y at integer numbers like flash support says to do.

any toughts about this subject??

thanxs in advance

First thought: don’t post in random about that.
Second thought: there’s a tute about that, I think you should check it.

And welcome by the way.

pom :cowboy:

sorry about the post on wrong place… :expressionless:
i already read the tute for pixel fonts but the font aren’t embeded, so with users that don’t have that font on system, dont’ see that font…

thaxs for the welcome