Antivirus/security question

So I found alot of my old games while cleaning my closet and went crazy trying some of them out. They range from games waaaaaaay back like “Outwars” (which would only run on my old dusty windows 95 computer that I also dug out of the closet) to Dungeon Siege 1 and 2. So I was playing them, and my anti virus always asks me if I want whatever i’m playing to be allowed to run. I normally don’t mind it since my computer’s nice and fast, so alt tabing is quite easy in and out to permit it the first time I run a game. But when I tried to play the 2nd Dungeon Siege the game and computer froze when the anti virus popped up to ask. So I disabled the anti virus, and even put the game under it’s exceptions list… but for some reason it still pops up asking if I want to permit it access! It’s so ■■■■ annoying. I just want to try my old games out. Anyone have any ideas on how to get around it:q: And no, i’m not uninstalling my anti virus.

Btw, I was told a shot of whiskey solves anything. It’s not working with this. :puzzle: