Any good freehand tutors?

if you know any please post em here thanx :smiley:

tutors or tutorials? :q:


what do you mean freehand tutorials?? which proggy is that?

did u check here

The help files and tutorials that come with freehand are about it. I have not found many tuts for Freehand…No good ons that is

how about Macromedia’s online tuts? i don’t have freehand so i dunno if they are any good

here’s a good tutorial…

dump freehand, get illustrator… unless your work is simply for flash

They are pretty much the same I believe. Is there something you can do in Illustrator you cant in freehand?? I stopped using illustrator a while back so I am out of touch.

i’ve noticed my paths are a lot cleaner in illustrator and less post script errors too. I like illustrator because of the sharpness its svg’s have unlike freehand that seem to be set at a low quality. Maybe i’m just an Adobe freak

Yeah I forgot about SVG that is a native thing to adobe…HMMMM…I have Illustrator 10 and have not installed maybe I will check it out…give em another try.