Any help? (3D Text)

Can anybody make me the text “MVL” in 3D with that program and make it rotate? Is that easy? I doon’t have that program and it’d only take 5 secs for someone who knows how to do it do. So can someone?

here you go…

Sorry, I’m picky.
Is it possible to change the color inside flash?
If not can you make it again with dark red?
Wireframe too…

i purposely made the faces different colors so that you could make them whatever color you like. just open the swf in flash and you will have to change the color in every frame.

Hey Sinf, long time no see. How are you doing?

pom :asian:

pretty good, had some computer troubles as well as some work that kept me off here for a little while. i’m working on a new project now, but will have time to check in here every once in a while to give my two cents.
have a nice day,

I’m glad it’s working out for you. [SIZE=1]By the way, what kind of projects are you working on, if I may ask?[/SIZE]

pom :asian: