Hi y'all

since i don’t have this program i was gonna just ask if someone could make me 3-d rotating text that says “MVL” in dark red and with a cool font. Can someone do me this? I asked this before… I would do it myself if i had the program though…


ohh ohh ohh ohh, i hope no one already did it! cause i was about to ask if someone could also do just the letter M. Rotating.

here I’ve got something for you

:frowning: is it possible to get it as a fla file? if not can you make the background black?


No problem, Here, you’ve got it

hi guys,

hope u dont mind the newbie joining in.

i opened swift for the first time an hour ago.

tried my hand at this (THE MVL VERSION) and wow it is
easy to make stuff! (so i got carried away of course…lol)

tried importing it to flash too so i included my fla