Any help welcome


I’m trying to get a flash movie to open up as a borderless movie. I’m sure its easy but could do with some help on the subject.

I’ll explain what i want first just in case.

I’ve got a flash file on my entrance page that says uniquely “enter site”

When you click it it opens the flashmovie without the toolbar bits and bobs etc…just the flash movie nothing else.

At the moment all I can get it to do is open up in a new broswer window, which isn’t borderless.

Any answers?

there ya go!

lol -
i’m working on the same - feel my anguish @



I tried the search and found that link earlier, but couldn’t get it to work I’ve tried to follow it but for some reason nothin happens…any more help or advice?


this is the url:

it works -

Well -
it is fixed

it looks like I just needed to change the “exact fit”

File >> Publish Settings >> HTML >> Dimensions:Percent >> Scale:Exact Fit

I’ll leave this up for a day or so so you see the difference.