Any inDesign experts here?

Hi all, [size=1]not sure where to post this…[/size]

Two questions:

  1. How or what do I do to change the color settings in inDesign from CMYK (process) to PMS (spot color, pantone)? The pdf I’m creating should only contain ONE color; PANTONE 286.

  2. How do I make absolutely sure the fonts are embedded? I know inDesign should embed all fonts by default, but only with the correct legal-rights stuff thingy… I guess linotype don’t want me to embed the font i bought from them…? For some reason it doesn’t embed, any ideas?

I will write a song and record it for the first person that helps me in a way that leeds to me being able to create this pdf with pantone color settings and embedded fonts. The song may be of a topic by choise, with a max. duration of 3 minutes. [size=1]Keep in mind that I suck at writing songs, and singing… Well, I really suck at that…[/size]