Any other heavily populated AS3 forums?

First, I would like to thank everyone responsible for the forums. First, (whoever he/they is/are in real life), as well as everyone who makes up the forums. :thumb: I’d also like to thank whoever kills those spam threads so quickly. I don’t know how you get to them so quick.

One thing I really appreciate about these forums are that there are so many learned people (who keep posting answers before I have a chance to help. [Shakes fist] :fight: ) which is actually great. There is also a steady stream of people with problems or questions, so in all, **very many **questions get answered each day.

I usually check the forums during my break at work, and I usually have time for a few short questions before I need to get back to work (reluctantly). Some days, I have more time, and those days I often sit around hitting refresh until another question arrives.

Don’t worry, I am not leaving kirupa, but,
[SIZE=3]Are there any more *popular *AS3 forums out there that need more help?[/SIZE]

Then instead of hitting refresh several times, I can try to help out over there a bit.

Also, this is just a suggestion for these forums, in order to keep posts from disappearing to page 2 quickly, would there be any interest in dividing the AS3 into two categories:

  • Beginner AS3 Questions/Topics
  • Advanced AS3 Questions/Topics

Or perhaps divide them into “Problems/Help” and “General Topics” or something.

Not really necessary. Just throwing an idea out there.