Hey Kirupa!

You know what would be cool! If you made a new Forum Topic Called “Advanced Flash 5” and “Flash 5 Actionscript” and “Flash Backend Help”(.ASP, XML, ect.)! It would be so much better so people like Thoriphes and vts and upuaut and all of us that are more advanced to help people with harder questions! In other words separate n00bs and the Flash pimps! The more advanced people could still help in the “Flash 5 Help” Forum but then have topics that they are more interested in and areas that they can help better in! IF you don’t like my Idea its all cool but I think it would attract more advanced Flash users and backend experts and make www.kirupa.com even more popular than it already is! Respond back to my post if you think idea is ok please!

Or we could do a vote on what the new topics should be but I think we should at least have one for “Backend Flash” and “Actionscript”

Yes, I’d agree if anyone had answered yet my question in one of those threads, (what is wmode, how to use it), but either no one read it, or no one bothers, or no one knows, or it’s not advanced enough…? :slight_smile: lol
Seriously, it’d be good to have a place for some “harder” stuff, not like ‘my button doesn’t work’ , ‘where are layers in Flash’ etc… I know too this place is s’posed to be more for beginners, still, don’t turn away the more difficult questions, instead, give 'em their own home…

Thanks for the support eyezberg and I am sure Kirupa will feel the same!

Yeah, I don’t know the answer to that one Eyez…

as for the forum… could be helpful… though I find too many to be a bog for the board.

I’d think one listed as advanced Flash 5 should do it. I think the rest is just up to us mods to cycle out the requests for simple site checks and such.

If I ever had enough time some basic a/s training tuts could be made. Simple stuff like naming conventions and streamlining posts. I think that those things, more than any flashy tutorial on lighting effects, would be the most useful.

As for us more advanced players. Has anyone thought at all about creating smart clips? I’ve read that these are supposed to be the basis of advanced user, newbie user interaction. That is, they are like the easily traded code of java script which made that language so open ended.
Just a thought… I’ve been trying to think of what tidbits I could put together into a smart clip. So far, only simplistic animations come to mind, and that, after all, is not really what the smart clip is for. More like the effect that eyez produced with the pixel by pixel slide image effect. Or at least the math involved in the process.

Anyway… forgive me for being lucid… I’ve a bottel and a half of wine in me at this point.
have a happy labor day everyone.

Just wanted to move post to top of Message Board so maybe Kirupa will see!

Hey dan, that is a great idea. I’ll create a Flash ActionScript forum and a Flash Backend forum once I come back from school today!

an actionscripting forumn would be great, because i cant read enough of them. hell im still trying to learn the basics of action scripting. the only problem i see with having advanced areas is , where do i post? some problems that seem simplistic to you guys may seem pretty advanced to myself or other people fairly new to flash, are we sure were going to get the same amount of quality responses to our problems? im not saying you guys would leave us newbie flashers in the dust (dreadfull as a thought it is) but it may make some people uneasy as to wether thier post qualifies or not, i know myself and others ask alot of seamingly tedious questions but its only because were constantly thinking and wanting to learn more, Anywho i still think its a good idea and thanks again for your all your help.
BTW i was just thiking last night about asking if there was a site that explained action scripting in a more easy to understand manner so us new guys can understand what it is we choose to do certian tasks and why

Thanks Kirupa I knew u would hook us up! Hooty Hoo! (its a eastcoast thang)

asmodias… thanks for the concern… I know any newbie who’s here, really enjoys these forums for the informative, and often entusiastic responses of some of the flash masters. That’s why I stay.

I wouldn’t worry about not knowing where to post. If it’s easy and it’s in the advanced forum, we’ll attempt to answer it there first, then once the thread is basicaly done, we’ll move it into a more appropriate spot. That way the basic area will still gain the benefit.

We’ll do our best to answer what we can, as always… :slight_smile:

right on, i didnt mean to come across as whiney if i did, ive just been **** aggrivated with this crap! lol, the flash i can handle it the rest of the web that pisses me off, i made this simple ass flash footer to try to attatch it to my posts and i cant because i dont have a **** site yet! and the free sites that are out there make you run in circles untill your about to puke and then tell you that you have to have a ftp server to put anything on your site like i want to do that @#%$ they need something as simple as geocities where you can just sign up, upload a banner or swf or whatever and link to the url, how much is that to ask for? ok now im whining. no im *****in. better yet im going to sleep
FLASH SUCKS!! its ruining my life!!
wa wa wa waaaaa

I have created the Flash ActionScript forum. That forum can be used for both ActionScript and other advanced Flash questions. Eyezberg, I never saw your wmode question. If you don’t mind posting it there, I’ll try to see what I can do :slight_smile: