Any recommendations on good single player FPS game?

Hey everyone,
What are some good single-player FPS games that someone like me who likes futuristic worlds with a lot of big weapons would like. These are the ones that I may try after I’m done with Half Life:

Unreal 2

Are there are any other good games that I may like? I am not too interested in terrifying games like RTCW or Undying :stuck_out_tongue:

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

I still haven’t played Deus Ex even though the CD is just within reach, but I may later though. I’ll add that to my to-do list.

I just ordered Halo and UT2004 for the PC on :slight_smile: I was really really really tempted to by Far Cry instead of UT2004. UT2k4 seemed like one of those games that provides good graphics and classic, mindless fragging fun!

Halo will be enough.

half life
c&c renegade if your a big c&c fan
all medal of honor games
counter strike
rainbow 6
Deus Ex
unreal tournament
americas army (I dont play because fear of army brainwashing)
run like hell (ps2)
thats all i could think of

I looked at Call of Duty and MoH, but they seemed too realistic - as in, no blue laser guns destroying spaceship filled with one-eyed green things :slight_smile:

Red Faction 2 was bland. It exploited it’s gimmick one too many times, and had no redeeming value.

The Hitman series was enjoyable, as each one got better. Still not perfect, but fun none the less. Thief 3 was a fun game. Pretty graphics too.

Medal of Honor and Call of Duty were both fun games to play. But if you want fantasy/future, feel free to skip them.

Skip Halo. Halo was good for the X-Box because it was the best FPS shooter ever released for a console. But for the PC, it was mediocre. Anyone who plays PC FPS knows that the stuff everyone was so excited for in Halo had already been in plenty of FPS before. As well as every other game did not have such crappy coding. The PC port was terrible. In all honesty, skip it.

The Marine mission in Alien Versus Predator 2 was excellent! Scary, and gives quite the rush. Honestly one of my most enjoyable single player experiences.

Delta Force: Blackhawk Down was fun, and requires patience and skill to play it well.

wait for halo 2!! gonna b da BOMB!!

halo 2.
wait for it…its gonna be da bomb!

halo 2.
wait for it…its gonna be da bomb!

Of course it is… master chief smiley

Lol! God, keep saying that and you’re gonna make me create a sick, and literally nasty pixel head of master chief :P.

Please do…

Call of Duty
Far Cry
Battlefield 1942

All awesome games, each with their own flare. Far Cry takes quite a powerful system to play on with the settings at anything above medium. Even at medium the game looks amazing though. I’ve played through and beaten all 3 of the games, all 3 well worth the money.