Anybody getting the new iPhones?

I always think this will be the year I jump onto the newest iPhone to replace my iPhone SE! The XR looks really good. How about you all?


I’m using iPhone X now, and am pondering iPhone XS. I don’t like to have a personal device that can’t use all the APIs I might want to test. Same for Series 4 stuff.

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I feel they are too expensive. I do not want to be glued to my device. I just want something that runs Google Maps make phone calls plus do basic social media and messaging…etc nothing too fancy that makes me use it a lot more :stuck_out_tongue:

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Check out the light phone.


I turns out that I will be the proud owner of an iPhone XS tomorrow. The delivery is on its way. I am with Kril. I need access to potential APIs I may want to use.

Congratulations. It has a really good camera! One of the things I loved about it is the camera and faceID.

I find the light phone fascinating, but I would never use it. I would like to think I could be the person that could use it, but I don’t think I ever would be. I think its even too light for my dad who’s a die hard flip phoner.

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I think the perfect “light Phone” would be something with google maps, sms, video calling and a very good camera.No social media or email. The idea is to not be hammered or tempted to use the phone more than what it is made for!

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How’s it going for you?

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Really well! I like it a lot. My previous phones were an iPhone 6 and then an iPhone SE. It was a huge jump in terms of features. It is also the first phone that I got a case (clear) and AppleCare on haha.

I was the proud owner of the iPhone XS Max recently but after the iPhone’s iDon’t Charge or Charge Gate issue I somehow sell it online and now going to give Google Pixel 3 XL a shot.

Let us know what you think about the Pixel 3. My gripe with the Pixel phones in the past has been performance. The iPhone has consistently been faster both in perception (which I care about) as well as various benchmarks (which is just nice to have!).

I moved away from the iPhone when the Galaxy S8 came out. I’d been sticking with the iPhone 6 for the longest time… an unfortunate accident rendered my S8+ hard to use with a cracked screen, so I patiently waited for the Note 9, and I’m happy I did! I use the stylus to screenshot Instagram photos of my friends and really make them look pretty!! Hah!

I never buy Samsung phones again because they don’t have stock android os. Android phones do get slower in time. I want to switch back to iOS.

That’s funny, because I had the same issue with my iPhone 6 Plus just dramatically slowing down with all the backend things they were doing to iOS. The improvements that were meant to help older devices maintain a snappy/responsive environment never actually seemed to help. Battery life also became abysmal, with no solution other than paying to have a battery replaced with no guarantee it would last. Granted, the battery on my Note 9 can no longer be replaced easily, if at all, but even the battery life of my S8+ is still incredibly good after two years of hardcore use and charging.

I had hoped Windows Phone would prove to be an excellent contender, since the interface was actually a refreshing change from iOS or Android, but they let it die. The Lumia 1020 never got the successor it deserved, and the 1020 itself never got the mobile processor it really deserved either to handle that 41MP sensor. Still use it to take photos as well, it’s a great backup camera, just really, really slow.

I had the iPhone 6 and had problems with performance. They fixed that pretty well with iOS 12. Samsung phones are a lot worse because they are not using stock Android OS. You get always outdated OS on Samsung. It was the worst experience ever. I would rather buy the google pixel phones with stock android. The new iPhone are something Samsung cannot match in terms of design and software.

I’ve not had many problems with samsung phones. They’re not stock, but not to much detriment. In fact things like icon badges weren’t available in android stock for the longest time (only since O or something did they add them? but checking now, I’m not seeing the option for them) but were in the samsung shell. In fact the worst part of the samsung phones I’ve had was the service provider’s pre-installed apps (thanks, Verizon).

I’m on a Nexus 6p right now with stock, and its fine. From samsung to stock, the two biggest losses were icon badges and the camera app. Samsung’s camera app was pretty solid. Stock camera has gotten better, and I’ve since downloaded other camera apps as well to make up for the difference.

I haven’t had much problem with sluggishness with any of my phones that I can remember, but I also don’t download and install many apps. Same with battery. They’ve gotten a little worse over time, but still make it through the day easily enough. Even when I had the option to easily replace a battery, I never did.

The 6p is over 2 yrs old now so I’ll probably opt for the pixel 3 next. I don’t feel the need to upgrade, but might as well. Maybe they’ll be some deals coming up as we head into the christmas season. :wink: