Anyone else felt like this

you know in life there Are times that you remember, and as i wAs thinking on my drive back to my place of residence, i remember probably the best moment of my life, [pity it hAd to be with my ex] lol but anyway.

yeAH, it wAs new years just past and we were in melbourne watching the big fireworks And when the clock ticked over to that time,we turned into eAch other and i looked in her eyes and i got thAt feeling that i hope many of you have had, cAuse if not you are missing out … and i knew thAt i was in love.

i aM unsure why it is cut into my memories but it must be there for something speciAl, but i aM glad it is there just to remind me of what love feels like and how precious it was and is…

has anyone else have memories like this … or am i a freak…


i have memories like that but most of them get distorted into a bitter life-sucking entity that makes me get pissed off and then try hard to distract myself so as to forget it. at least in regards to the person i was in love with. because he was a c0ck. (residual anger much?) yeah well if u knew what a c0ck he was you wouldn’t blame me. it’s like these people get drawn to me.

but that feeling you are describing, i have it with memories of beautiful and magical things in my life, mostly to do with nature or awesome experiences, or even friends. i think it’s the same thing in a certain respect. that kind of love is important too. more important for me in fact.

I’ve felt like that before, only behind a thick wall of another person. I’d often wonder what could have been, what I was doing wrong, why I was still merely a friend, pondering if I should go on or persist, but it always came down to coming home early looking forward only to tomorrow. Nothing ever changed.

My friends tell me you learn from experience. This is my experience and I am surely learning from it.

I have that memory and that feeling because I’m lucky enough to be engaged to the girl in my memory and now I’m looking forward to a wedding in a couple of years.

Why a couple of years, well they take a while to organise and pay for. Take my word for it elopings (sp?) always an option