Life suxx

have you ever had a feeling like somebody has pinned a needle straight in your heart?

god, life suxx:( :( :( :( :*(

Sorry to hear that. I find that running a few miles often helps take your mind of your worries. You can talk to friends, etc. There are several threads on a related topic that you can search for.

Kirupa :blush:

Yeah … had that one … life sucks at those moments. But if it’s sunday morning and you’re having dinner outside and it’s a good temperature and some birds are singing, life is great again =) Try it, it’s really great !

but life without her suxx… :*(

just remember that it’ll all be over and your life will get back on track and you will be feeling better than ever.


Hey :frowning:
wots wrong m8?
Open up, may b we can help u out.

Originally posted by fluid_0ne *
**but life without her suxx… :
( **
sounds pretty obvious to me flasherjaz.

it’s not that easy…
we had some “nice time” (no! not sex!) together last saturday (friends’ party)
and i spoke with her…
but’s she’s so busy (we’ve seen twice this week) and tomorrow shes’ leaving for 1 month…
i dunno what to do…

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” That’s not just a silly little phrase. :slight_smile: Do you think she will forget you in a month? Make sure to see her off. Bring a single flower (if you’re so inclined). She will remember you.

jUbba is right,
U just have to give sometime, and also month is noth to much.
If u had good times with her then y on the earth will she forget u?

dont worry she will remember u .
If not then we r there we will make her rememebre u ??? :slight_smile:

Nice one blue=)

Hey who knos she mite come back, always happen my frnd.
And dont worry about any distance or time, if she’s ur destiny, she ll have to come back.I ws gona tel my story,but i guess half of u will call me crazy:P but seriously all i have gathered from 9 years of our relation is that if u lose hope, faith, believe in urself and her love for u, u lose trust,U lose it all.I believe in miracles, i believe if u have set her free or she has gone away, if shes urs, she will b back and i hope n pray she is…Coz i really know how it feels :frowning:

Jubba is right about it and so is cool blue, hey upuaut , how about flowers and something wich can remind her of our frnd?
I d say something small and cute, i gave my gf bracelet and said something cute, somethin like this will hold us togather, hand in hand(cant recall, sorry)but it was cute, even surprized me, so i d say get a gift wich can b wid her all the time, she ll never forget u and yes when u get tht gift, plz tell us wat that is and we can think of some words to b stuck in her head forever :love:

What do u guys think?Lets b a lil practicle about it now and do something smart=) remember GOD help only those who help themselves.

hang on. have you broken up with this girl? or she’s just going away for a month?

Words is all that u have to take her heart away

I was gona ask the same,but my guess is she’s going off for a month wich is automatic breaking up for some :-s, am i right or wrong?

I had a korean gf once, I loved her to death :slight_smile: Until finally one day she told me she’d been unfaithful with 2 other persons. now THAT broke my heart.

I can say that I felt like a splattered turd for months. But now I have a fiancé which is far more worth than that b*itch I was with before :slight_smile:

don’t feel too sad, someone better will come along :slight_smile: someone always does :slight_smile:



All I can tell you is to honestly believe that what is to be will be…I tell myslef that everyday.

I know it is a chessy cliche and all but if was meant to be, it will be…It may not be right now (and that sucks) but if you are suppossed to be with that person, it will work out somehow. The only thing you can want for someone you love that much and for yourself is to be happy. If that is you guys together then you will figure it out and be happy, if it isnt, you don’t see it know but you will be happy with whomever it is and it is because it is what should be…

Hang in there buddy…Life has a funny way of working itself out

do any of us actually know what we’re talking about yet?