Anyone ever done GD for print b4? i deparately need some translation

argh, im in a pickle…
need to make my 1st brochure, (oh no!), and i need to check up on a few things that the printer specified…

-Silouette / Shadows = best to silo images and create drop shadows in black only with feathered edges

wtf is a feathered edge?

-layout = send layout as printer spreads, not reader spreads to avoid imposing costs

what are those types of spreads and how do i specify it?

-Include all printer and screen fonts

does that mean tell him what fonts i used? or actually attatch the fonts? and what is the diff btwn a printer and a screen font?

-Include PDF’s

i was told to make it in an EPS, why woudl i have a PDF???

im going to be searching around online for any info, but anyone who knows what this is, i would appreciate your input greatly!!
thanks so much kirupans