Anyone experiment with FLV yet?

Was wondering if anyone had any luck with FLV flash video streaming. Its a nice touch for flash but very limited as in file size, once I go over 1 minute of video flash becomes very unstable.


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FLV what?

I’ve used Wildform’s Flix Pro to create FLV files from my AVI files - Then importing the FLV’s into Flash MX. Works really well.

I’ve not experieinced instability, but most of my stuff is 320 x 240.

do any of you know where i can get a good tutorial or sample of dynamic webcams in MX. i posted a topic before and no one responded. thought since you were talking about video you might know :slight_smile:


Guys this might sound like a dumb question, why do you use the flix program or other 3rd party programs to create these FLV files and then import them into Flash? when you can directly import video into Flash without the step of coverting into FLV. Please answer this throughly because I’m about to create a Simulation for work that uses Video…thanks JesseH