anyone in to telescopes?!?

I have obtained, free at the moment, a meade etx90 ec, with a few eye pieces, and auto star controller.

The autostar will point the telescope for you at the desired object.

You can also mount a camera to it!

I dont know much about telescopes, but this one has motors so its extra cool for a beginer :slight_smile:

So far I have looked at the moon with various magnification, and the grooves in my neighbors vinyl siding, very exciting stuff.

I did try to photograph the moon a few months ago, and it is not an easy thing to do. In the darkness of the night, it is easy to forget that the moon is flooded in daylight, so iso and shutterspeed should be set accordingly… even so, I could conclude my camera lenses are too weak for something I thought would be easy.

A camera mounted on motors should impress stop motion artists? Also, I guess you could make fantastic timelaps panoramas?

Look at me, I’m waving at you!

The camera mount would go at the eye piece, so essentially the telescope becomes a giant lense. Not sure if I indicated that, but I would be able to take moon crater photos and such. The motors don’t really play a part in the camera stuff.

I just tried setting autostar to “TheCanadian” but it failed, im going to write a letter to the manufacturer about this. At this point I am unable to confirm whether you are, or not currently waving in my general direction.

Ah, the camera would mount on the threads on the outer edge of the camera lense. I guess you would need to track the motion of stars to be able to photograph them? About 0.25 degrees each minute?

(Tycho Brahe had an observatorium not far from where I live, in the year around 1576. He is one of the few dead people whom has ever seen a supernova. Among other memorable things, he complained about the citylights from copenhagen polluting the sky. They must have had really strong candlelights back then…)

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Lousy modern technology!

I can see jupiter right now