Anyone know a good book?

Hey I am new to flash. I just got flash mx and am very intrested in it. I was wondering if anone knew of anyhting that can help get me started? Any good beginer books or anything? I will greatly appreciate the help. Thx.


You can start with this:

For newbie people with MX I have read through Sam’s teach yourself MX in 24 hours. I wouldn’t say that it’s great, but it will give you all the basics, as if you knew nothing about Flash at all.

I really like the Friends of Ed book for beginners (er…including me): Foundation Flash 5. They have an MX version out now they claim. For the money, the Flash 5 book was excellent.…index.html

There are so many books out there that you should really do some homework before dropping $30-50. I suggest reviews on and some basic searching. Some of the Flash resource sites have book reviews also but I like hearing many points of view personally.


just wait for colin moock to put out an addendum to ‘the definitive guide’ (or a whole new book) for mx.
the quick start books are good for people with NO exposure to flash, but they lack depth for those out there who have been using flash 5 already.

Quote from “Flash MX - Upgrade Essentials” (by foED) which i just got today from Amazon:
"This book assumes throughout that you’ve been previously using Flash 5 and…(just want to learn the new stuff -rephrased by me); so this looks really good, and i like the author a lot.
Tell you more once i get into it…

I ordered Flash MX - Upgrade Essentials yesterday on, hopefully I should receive it tomorrow. I think the book will be pretty cool! Can’t wait to read it…

Cool… sounds like one I need… though I haven’t gotten MX yet.

how unfair, you get the book the day after and i have to wait 10days! (cheaper in the US…)

you guys think “Flash MX Magic” will be any good? I’m reluctant to get it, but I want to because of the fact that Eric Jordan has written a chapter on XML…If anyone’s already got it, please tell me what you think?
Also does anyone have any recommendations on any other MX books?