Anyone wanna try this game? we can play it right here

This game is pretty cool, I never played it online, but I think we can. It requires the sharing of some personal experiences, and an honor system.

This is how it works, you get 20 points, or fingers/toes. People take turns saying things they have never done in their life. If someone else playing the game has done that thing, then they have to put away one finger/toe. The winner is the last person to have fingers/toes. For example…

Player 1: I have never smoked crack.

Player 2: (has smoked crack, loses one finger)

Player 3: (has not smoked crack, is not affected by Player 1)

Player 2: I have never tasted an orange.

Player 3: (has tasted an orange, loses one finger) …

… and so on. As you can see the game requires honesty, but if anyone wants to play let me know. I’ll explain a few more rules if I get enough people.