Anyone Want to battle?

I am in a battling mood today heh. To whomever accepts they are free to pick the starting image as well as the size. Edit If you would like I can also pick the starting image whivhever you prefer.

can i jump in on this one or is it just betwenn the 2 of you?

I beleive he left for holiday I would be glad to battle you Hypermint I will get wooped but I will be that much better in photoshop you can pick the starting image and stuff if you want I am not to good at choosing base images.

ok. i will try and put a picture up sometime today…i have an image library so i will try and go trhough that.

ok. i guess we can use this picture. its simple and i think that it will make for a good battle. let me know what you think

looks good to me you want me to serve first or do you want to.

you can go ahead and serve since i put up the pic. take it away.

K here is my shot Is this a psd battle or a jpg? If it is PSD I dont have a server to host on.

Very nice. I like the monotone colors. Good job dude!

we can make it a jpg battle. thats cool i like it. i will start on mine asap

Is this still on just wondering Hypermint.

sorry, I couldn’t resist

btw.: really cool pic VDaminator

[color=silver][size=1](rather quick one, so some details suffered)


nice…i like that…hey i got tons of wotk on my plate right now… so i am not going to be able to finish…sorry for the inconvience