Open Challenge for a Battle N00b

Hey everyone,
I’m a professional graphic artist, but pretty much at work all i do is recreate forms, and alter photos in a very professional sense, and do not get to really broaden my creativity and photoshop skills.

I was looking around the Battle pages, and thought it would be neat to start up a battle with someone.

I seemed to like the Tennis style ones, where someone makes the first image, than the opponent creates the second image using elements of the first one. So let’s use those rules, and how about doing 6 rounds (3 images each).

Unfortunatly, my library of stock images is severly limted here at work, since most of the photos i use are ones that we took here at work during photoshoots, and there are all sorts of legal mumbo-jumbo saying that we can’t use them for non-work related purposes.

So preferably, whoever accepts the challenge can provide the initial image.

If you want to have a common theme, that’s cool with me, if not, that’s cool too.

thanks. :cyclops:

Hello! I am already in about oh…4 other battles at the moment but would challenge you if you want. Or you can against someone a little easier. :smiley: Not trying to be cocky. I promise. I have no reason to since I’m really not that great.

But yea if you want to take me on I would be willing to let you sharpen those skills against me! :smiley:

yeah, if you aren’t too busy with the others, sure, we can battle.

do you have a good photo we can start out with? if not, if we wait until tonight, i can dig through my personal photos and grab something, i’ve got a ton of great shots i took all over the city of Harrisburg, as well as a lot of good Cleveland ones too.

but i’ll leave that up to you.

also, when posting pictures on the forums, do i upload them to my webserver than link to them, or do i upload them to kirupa?

I want to see your photos.:smiley: So let’s wait till tonight. But I won’t be able to get to my piece till tom. So if you want to serve up the first pic go ahead.

You can either upload them here. Or to your server. Doesn’t matter. As long as I can get it.:smiley:

Good luck to ya bud.[SIZE=1]You might need it. Lol J/K![/SIZE]

it took me a while to pick out a good one for my first battle, but here goes.
While on a business trip to Cleveland, OH, i snapped a picture of this. It was out in a field in front of some building, and for the life of me, i can’t remember what building it was. it was a giant rubber stamp that said “FREE” on it.

i had my business partner go up to it and pretent to be trying to lift it up, and a snapped the photo.

the JPEG is 1600 x 1200, so instead of posting it to kirupa, i am just posting a link to it.

so take this photo, and make something with it, then i’ll take yours and do the same. not completely clear what the rules are for this, but i guess you have to use at least some element of my photo, then i take your photoshop graphic and take at least some element of it to create a new one, and then rinse, lather, repeat…

by the way, if anyone here is from Cleveland, please let me know if you know where this game from.


NOTE: sorry, the picture is a bit hazy, i must have left my Cokin Star filter on my camera when i snapped this.

Picture specs: Taken with my FujiFilm FinPix S3000 Digital Camera (3.2 Megapixels). I use Cokin Filters extensively on my pictures.


Any chance a third could jump in here?.. :smiley:

that’s cool with me. how do you work a 3 way battle? like do you go, then dj, then me, then repeat?

if so, then lets do that. you can go first, since DJ has a lot of other battles going, then i guess dj goes, then me. we’ll stick with each person doing 3 pictures, so it’ll end up with 9 instead of 6.

so if that’s cool, then you can start. by using the picture i linked to. doesn’t matter what size you make the image, and there is no theme either.

That sounds good, but if you want to go first, I’m good…it’s getting late here and I wont be able to get to it tonight, so feel free…and thanks for letting me in :smiley:


well im actually kinda busy tonight, finishing up a website job, so either you or DJ can go first.

sounds good…I’ll check in tomorrow after work.

sigh Only too late did I see this…or I would have joined. Oh well, I guess you guy’ll just have to keep me entertained. R O C K !

IDEA!!! Referring to the thread below:

If there are four of us…maybe we could do a team collaboration tennis?

jesus man, you should really stick with atleast 2 battles man!
In mine, you didn’t post for like 2 days, so that kind of leaves anyone else who you battle, except for telek, out and hanging…
Just trying to help :wink:

actually the only reason I didn’t get your is I had alot of unexpected things going on. Now I could do a piece for each battle in one day! :wink:

I’ll get the first pic up hopefully tonight everyone!

Ok I didn’t get to it last night so I will have it up here in a bit. :thumb:

looking forward to it.

Ok I kept it simple for you guys. (Sorry if that sounds cocky :frowning: ) Maybe I go alittle more in depth next round.:wink:

Here ya go:

And here is the .PSD


i’ll pick it up from here, then Adam, you can take it after i’m done. (that sound ok?)

by the way, what version of Photoshop are you 2 using?

i’m using 7, so hopefully i can open your PSD files.

Yea I’m using 7. It shouldn’t matter which version you have anyway.