Anyone Want to battle?

I am in a battling mood today heh. To whomever accepts they are free to pick the starting image as well as the size. Edit If you would like I can also pick the starting image whivhever you prefer.

Hi im a a real n00b but we all gotta start somewhere so i WILL !
and btw u pick source image as i havent got many stock photos
anyone know any sites? email or PM thx

Aright cool here is the starting image you can make the first serve,

OK try and get it done by friday evening as i have school
like to see where this leads :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you serving first or am I?

umm sorry i havent got back i havent got much time as im going on holiday next week so do u wanna go 1st and then i’ll have a crack at it will probably only have time for one or 2 serves

Had a go at playing with the image but cant do much with it at all the leaves of the trees are too small to do anything with and the dome isnt in full view…
so we can call the battle off or pick a different image?

Feel free to change the image tis the only one I had on my comp at the time.

sorry I havent got much time at the moment after my holiday i wouldnt mind battling u if thats ok?

sure just post in this thread when you get back

can i jump in on this one or is it just betwenn the 2 of you?

I beleive he left for holiday I would be glad to battle you Hypermint I will get wooped but I will be that much better in photoshop you can pick the starting image and stuff if you want I am not to good at choosing base images.

ok. i will try and put a picture up sometime today…i have an image library so i will try and go trhough that.

ok. i guess we can use this picture. its simple and i think that it will make for a good battle. let me know what you think

looks good to me you want me to serve first or do you want to.

you can go ahead and serve since i put up the pic. take it away.

K here is my shot Is this a psd battle or a jpg? If it is PSD I dont have a server to host on.

Very nice. I like the monotone colors. Good job dude!

we can make it a jpg battle. thats cool i like it. i will start on mine asap

Is this still on just wondering Hypermint.