Apache, PHP, MySQL for Mac

I’m seeking advice for setting up Apache, PHP, and MySQL on my Mac. I am currently using MAMP Pro for my development needs, however, I would like to setup a server by myself, running off of the basics.

With that said, I want everything MAMP offers (Apache Modules, PHP Extentions, etc) and the usual server settings. If I’m correct, when you install Apache, PHP, and MySQL without modification, somethings don’t work like they work on a normal web hosting provider.

I hope I’m making sense. I’m a guy who likes to setup stuff by himself, and know how everything is put together. I want settings like a hosting provider like mediatemple offers, but I want to set it up myself. Are there any guides to the latest setup configurations? Should I use binaries, or source to install? Thanks in advance to anyone who offers suggestions. :slight_smile: