Mac User - I am lost, please help

Ok, so I am making a forum but I want to make it on my harddrive (I don’t want it to have to go on the internet in any way possible, in fact pretend the comp I am making this on doesnt have access to the internet)

So here is what I think I do right? Download PHP, MySQL and Apache?

Ok, so I did that, or atleast I think I did. I have downloaded so many things that say php and mysql its not even funny.

Can someone guide me? I don’t even understand the guides given by these websites, they use terminal commands and w/e and I just dont understand that stuff. Anyways, I may have more than one mysql server on my comp, I am not sure how to check and I don’t know how to delete them all. I want to start from scratch though.

Help please :cantlook: