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Hello, I love this community and I want to thanks to you. I appreciate it and if you don’t mind can you answer me a few question?What should I prepare as a low experience person?As you know, for less developed country, it’s so hard to choose what is comfort with us.Why should I choose web development as a carrier?
Thanks for your effort. I love to hear my questions from you.

This is a tricky one to answer without knowing more about your current situation and goals, but here is a general answer I can give for your questions!

Why should I choose web development as a career?
Let’s start with a few reasons:

  1. You enjoy web development
  2. There is demand for web developers and, in turn, a decent career that you can build around it

Hopefully both of these reasons apply to you, but if it doesn’t, you should pick which you would like to optimize for.

What should I prepare as a low experience person?
What part of web development is interesting to you? Or, what kinds of jobs are you looking to get into? Is it front-end development? Is it back-end? The answer you give will determine what topics you should focus on learning and getting good at.


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Of course. For me, freelancer is the most suitable I think.I get very low knowledge about web development and I think it’s very early to say what topics I love the most.I was dreamed of building my own websites before and then I join the HTML and CSS .And I found that I used to love it.To be honest, I didn’t think web-development as my carrier before.I don’t want to waste my time in quarantine and I just register the class.But later ,I deeply love into this .But for me, its a quite challenge as web-development is far from my field.What matter, a profession or a hobby, I will do websites as my owns. <3

In that case, I would suggest you learn HTML, CSS, and JS really well. This will serve as the foundation for what you decide to learn next. It will also allow you to learn new things (NodeJS, React, Vue, etc.) more quickly as well. As a freelancer, you may find yourself having to learn new things all the time depending on what you are being asked to do.

Of course, we are all here to help you answer those questions! :phone:


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Okay .I will ask more questions. :stuck_out_tongue:
By the way you are the one who is in emoji video? I means video on YouTube?

If you are referring to this video…

…then, yes! That is me :mouse:

That’s exactly what I am saying.You are so smart and keep going.I learned from you many things.Cheer up buddy!! Hope we can work together :thinking::thinking:

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