Hey guys, I wanted to know what you all think of my new website.

welcome on board ArdXIV=)
Fresh n Clean, really nice buttons(i was playing around with them:D)!
Smooth Effects:)
took alot of time 2 load though:(

tip - when loading sections(such as portfolio, downloads…etc.) the preloader might not be visible 2 regular viewers, people like us are familiar with these types of preloaders!


very nice splash page. i like the layout. the pixel font(left side) isn’t too clear at times. the middle “right”, the gradiant is jagged. not sure what happened there. i really like the picture and effect on the top right but i don’t know if the pic goes with the gray and blue scheme. maybe change the blues to greens. but what do i know. it’s a really nice site, just needs a little cleaning up here and there. :slight_smile:

Hey yeah the picture is actually a random pic (1/5)

And it does take time to load because the audio but I’m working with it currently.

And the preloader is just for the slow 56kers, if nothing is showing up the look around and see the bar moving, it gives them something to stay tuned for.

Thanks guys.

I like it a lot!

The bird song was nice to hear in the middle of winter at 2:00am

And i could read the text in 1280 resolution, so it gets the thumbs up.

Only thing I noticed is an inconsistency of the spelling of ‘Experimental’. On the button it is spelt ‘Expermintals’

Why did you ditch the intro movie? i think its lush!

I am a proper newbie… though i hope my opinion still counts!