My new site, the beggining

I am developing my new site and it is finished about 30%, I would like to have some input about it’s design, and in generaly so please tell me what do you think.

All I can say is that I’d think MD is for doctors, the name is a little broad, the fruits that come out look great, and the nav bar could use some more work - a little more unique-ness.

It looks alright although the interface looks a bit tacky - could do with something (not sure what :P)

i would say keep the interface in the same window.


I think it’s a great start. Your fruit image look good. Maybe there is a way to make the colors of the rest of the site more interesting. As it is now it is sort of a sad light gray.

P.S. Are you two married?

Agreed! I think its a great start, nice and clean!

Keep it up! Might try to speed the frame rate up a bit, the rollovers and such are a bit slow.


Thanks for your input, back to work now for me. :ne:

P.S. Are you two married?
Either that or they are very close brother and sister :beam:

You might need to liven up the site a tad if you want to attract customers. Right now it’s alright, but provides no real eye-candy.



PS: isn’t it Cinema 4d and not 4D Cinema ?

Agree nice start, id see what it’ll look like with the fruit over the border instead of the space in the border.

may look better the way it is now, just a thought.

Otherwise, i like!

I am deweloping some interesting suff too make it more intereseting and more alive. Soon it will be online.

i think your web page looks good.

Nice and clean, good job. You could keep the interface in the same window.
I wait for the more interesting and alive version.

I would like to know what do you think about by bumblebee. :}

a good start!
not sure about the typo…a kind of ms courrier err.
can’t read very well the contact menu from this comp.

Are you talking about fonts in the main menu or in contact movie?