[AS 2.0] 'this' keyword not working inside onLoadInit

I’m tyring to do some OOP coding but have trouble figuring out how to keep it all nice and clean. Observe the following class I’ve made:

class Link { 
 public var identifier:Number;
 var xpos:Number;
 var ypos:Number;
 var nummer:String;
 var omschrijving:String;
 var image:String;
 var loadLinkListener:Object;
 var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader;
 function Link(id:Number, x:Number, y:Number, n:String, o:String, i:String){ 
  this.identifier = id;
  this.xpos = x;
  this.ypos = y;
  this.nummer = n;
  this.omschrijving = o;
  this.image = i;
  _global.respectMovie.mc_grid.createEmptyMovieClip("link" + identifier, _global.respectMovie.mc_grid.getNextHighestDepth());
  this.loadLinkListener = new Object();
  this.mcLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
  this.mcLoader.loadClip("link.swf", _global.respectMovie.mc_grid["link" + identifier]);
  this.loadLinkListener.onLoadInit = function(linkMC:MovieClip):Void{
   linkMC._x = [COLOR=darkred]this.xpos[/COLOR];
   linkMC._y = [COLOR=darkred]this.ypos[/COLOR];
   linkMC.nummer = [COLOR=darkred]this.nummer[/COLOR];
   linkMC.omschrijving = [COLOR=darkred]this.omschrijving[/COLOR];
 // more class definition... 

The problem is that I can’t access my class properties inside the onLoadInit event function. What is the good OOP way to access these properties?

Thanks in advance