[AS]attachMovie/removeMovieClip when they move!

Hello guys, now it’s my time to ask some help from you guys!

I need to create a list of items align on vertical and the items need to have a expand animation and in the same time when the expand happens, i move the rest of the mcs up (or down).

For exemple we have 5 mcs, _mc1, _mc2, _mc3, _mc4, _mc5, and we rollover _mc3, _mc1 & _mc2 move up (tween motion) with 20px; _mc3 expands with 10px up and 10px down; and _mc4,_mc5 moves down with 20 px to! This i already did (and it works perfect) but my problem appears if i add more then 11 mcs (on my computer) the flash start’s to eat more CPU and the animation become slower and slower!

So i thought to add only 3 mc down (so let we say that we see 3 mcs on stage i want to add more 3 out of stage down)…when you scroll down one mc goes up and will be removed and one will be added down, then when you scroll up, the last one will be removed and the first one will be add it again!


We have 1,2,3,4,5, we scroll down, 1 goes up (and will be removed) and 6 will apear, we scroll more down, 2 will be removed and 7 will be added! We scroll up 7 will be removed and 2 will be add it!

!!!I need to remove a movieclip (in my exemple 1,2) only if they are out of stage(they are not visible anymore)!!!

I need just help how i can accomplish this (algorithm)…tips…hints!!!

Thank you a lot guys!!:thumb2: