AS MC addItem paths

Hi, had a look through some forums but couldn’t find anything related,so I thought I’d best ask.

I’m modifying a yugop menu system that thru alot fo script and a few movie clips produces a menu bar. Using the additem script, you can add more buttons by a line of script at a time. e.g.

[AS]ymenu_mc.addItem(“01”, {text:“home”, colour:0xFF0000});
ymenu_mc.addItem(“02”, {text:“home2”, colour:0xFF0000});

This does this 7 times, to make seven buttons out of one movie clip (ymenu_mc). But i want these buttons created via the add item to load in other swfs. so my questions is pretty simple, what is the path of each of the 7 buttons if you use an add item command? I presumed it would add an 01 or 02 etc.

[AS]ymenu_mc.01.onRelease = function(){

but this doesn’t seem to work. any ideas? as i’ve never used this add item command and flash help file didn’t really help

thanks in advance