[AS2.0] Weird issue with LoadMovieNum and IE6. Please help!

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Hi there, I really hope you guys can help me, because this one has got me beat.

I have a series of movies that I have created in Flash 9 using AS2.0

The structure of the files is as follows: Chapter 1 (a relatively empty swf file) calls up a number of external files: a set of variables, a background, a loading animation and then the first real movie - which we will call movie1. This is all done using LoadMovieNum and levels.

Now this same structure continues on, the last file in Chapter 1 (movie1) calls up Chapter 2 (which loads it’s own files and relevant movies), and so on and so on…

Now, this all works fine… Until it gets to Chapter 3. At this point it starts to not display some files (which, since they have been called in previous Chapters are already cached).

I’m at a loss as to understand why it suddenly stops working. From what I can see the code is exactly the same (except for filenames etc).

I have tested the same set of movies in FireFox, Opera, Safari and Netscape (across Mac and PC), without issue.

Is there a known issue in IE6 that would cause this problem?

I have exported these movies for Flash Player 6 (I have tried changing this to 9, but it does not resolve the issue).

Thanks in advance!