AS2 - Setvolume script cancels volume fader function?

I am attempting to use a sound fade script as well as a volume slider on the same sound object. For example, I have an volume_mc for the fader that sets the volume for snd_object. This mc is contained in an mp3 player mc, contained within the root timeline.

I also have fade in and fade out scripts that also use setVolume on the same mysound. The scripts work fine (I’m fading background music out when visitors go to my music demos page); but once the script as run mysound.setVolume(n), the fader stops working.

Is it possible to have a script that does the following (simplified example, leaving out checks for current and ending levels - just the basic call to setVolume seems to be the problem))…

function fadeVolumeOut(){

… and a fader volControl_mc, that will affect the same sound object?..

onClipEvent (enterFrame){
// * startDrag code to follow fader movement and set volume percentage/value, n

The fader works fine when first opening the movie, but after running the fadeVolume code, it stops. I can stop the sound object’s playback with no problem, but I can’t run the fade out using setVolume()

Thanks! I’m really a musician/composer, not a programmer by trade, so I’m sure I’m just not well versed in either flash limitations or the best way to go about this.