AS3/XML/PHP Resources?

I’m honestly at the end of my rope.
[COLOR=“Red”]tl;dr version - I really want to learn about XML/PHP socket servers which are capable of communicating with a program written in AS3. Can you recommend any good books / tutorials / resources?
I’ve been searching Kirupa, as well as Google, and I am completely overwhelmed.[/COLOR]

I love Kirupa. This is my first post because I honestly haven’t had a reason to post a question. I either check the tutorials, or use the handy little search button. I’ve learned so much when I found this site.

[COLOR=“Silver”][SIZE=“1”](Originally, I was writing a really long post about what I learned, but perhaps I should cut to the chase)[/SIZE][/COLOR]

So, the thing is, I wanted to make a multiplayer game. I don’t expect to have that project done anytime soon, but I really want to start that journey. I don’t want to use someone else’s classes or anything like that…

So I found out about Flash being able to read XML, and XML being able to be printed from MySQL. But that really seems bad for anything more than turn based games.

So, to finally end a long story…I really would like any resources you can share to start understand how to create a socket server that will work with flash (AS3, specifically.)
I would prefer that I can do that for free somehow…So I can start learning before I have to pay a monthly fee. But if I need to get a paid server hosting service just to learn, I’m willing to go that far…

I’ll be on for a bit to give endless thanks, apologize for long posts, and answer any questions…