ASP in Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 - Can't compile!

AAARRRGH!!!\r\rI do everything the tutorial says, but I keep getting this error message when going to Live Data or previewing in browser:\r\rMicrosoft JScript compilation error ‘800a03ec’ \r\rExpected ‘;’ \r\r/newdb/TMP77vxltxutf.asp, line 4 \r\rDim rFauna__MMColParam\r----^\r\rWhere rFauna is the name of the recordset. You can find it online here:\****a…search.htm

Help me please!!!

The link doesn’t seem to work for me.

Oh yeah, sorry…\rThe search page is:\****ationhq/db\r\rAnd the other application files:\rSearch result page:\r[url=“****ationhq/db/fauna.asp”]****a…/fauna.asp\rDetail page:\r[url=“****ationhq/db/detail.asp”]****a…detail.asp\rMicrosoft Access Database file:\r[url=“****ationhq/db/db.mdb”]****a…/db/db.mdb\rThe connection file:\r[url=“****ationhq/db/connections/connFauna.asp”]****a…nFauna.asp\r\rDon’t mind the “Internal Server Error” message, Brinkster doesn’t support Dreamweaver-generated pages, so you’ll need to “Save target as…” and save the files localy…

Danm, it’s still impossible to download…\rI uploaded a zip file that contains all the files:\****a…/

Brinkster doesn’t support Dreamweaver-generated pages!\rI think the problem has something to do with the ODBC/SDN connection.\r\rI heard there’s a Microsoft program that can also work with ASP. Something that sounds like InterDev or something…\r\rIf I use it, will the problem be solved?

Gee, thanks for the help :stuck_out_tongue: \r\rI got it working by MYSELF thank-you-very-much. The problem was in the connection. instead of the ODBC connection I made a custom one and tried to use a Brinkster example… Anyways… It worked.\r\rSo, thanks for trying to help me, I guess…\r\****ationhq/db

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umm… what r u doing?