ASP in UltraDev - HELP ME!


I do everything the tutorial says, but I keep getting this error message when going to Live Data or previewing in browser:

Microsoft JScript compilation error ‘800a03ec’

Expected ‘;’

/newdb/[name of asp file executed].asp, line 4

Dim rFauna__MMColParam

Where rFauna is the name of the recordset. You can find all the files online here:****a…search.htm****a…/fauna.asp****a…detail.asp****a…/db/db.mdb

I post this in this forum because I doubt anyone goes to the Help forums…



If you don’t know, tell me! I feel left out!
Here are some more info I found out:

rFauna is the name of the Recordset on the page. The line mentioned is the first line that declares the recordset.

UltraDev uses some sort of “connections” that work with the computer’s ODBC/SDN data sources.

Brinkster doesn’t support UltraDev/Dreamweaver generated pages, probably because that connections thing. I installed an ASP example of Brinkster and there was no connection file.
Brinkster shows the error message “Internal Server Error” when trying to open my ASP’s.

Here is a zip that contains all the files so you can inspect it yourself:****a…/

I heard there was a Microsoft program called InterDev or something like that, that works with ASP as well. My guess is that it uses a different connection method than Dreamweaver UltraDev so it might solve the problem, but I need an advise…

Someone PLEASE help me!!! :frowning:

I’m clueless myself… where is Kirupa?.. he’s our ASP man

Yeah, I already sent him an e-mail but he didn’t reply back…
Where is he?