ASP in UltraDev - HELP ME!

AAARRRGH!!!\r\rI do everything the tutorial says, but I keep getting this error message when going to Live Data or previewing in browser:\r\rMicrosoft JScript compilation error ‘800a03ec’ \r\rExpected ‘;’ \r\r/newdb/[name of asp file executed].asp, line 4\r\rDim rFauna__MMColParam\r----^\r\rWhere rFauna is the name of the recordset. You can find all the files online here:\r\****a…search.htm\r[url=“****ationhq/db/fauna.asp”]****a…/fauna.asp\r[url=“****ationhq/db/detail.asp”]****a…detail.asp\r[url=“****ationhq/db/db.mdb”]****a…/db/db.mdb\r\rI post this in this forum because I doubt anyone goes to the Help forums…

Micro$oft sucks, what else can I say ?..\r\rpom 0]

UltraDev is Macromedia…\rWhat do you mean by Microsoft?

I don’t know I thought I saw Microsoft written somewhere… Anyway, I’m thinking about changing my glasses real soon.\r\rpom 0]

This is the error I get in Macromedia UltraDev in the Live Data:\r\rMicrosoft JScript compilation error ‘800a03ec’ \r\rExpected ‘;’ \r\r/newdb/fauna.asp, line 4 \r\rDim rFauna__MMColParam\r----^\r\rWhen I preview it in browser (localy) it shows the same message but without the —^.\r\rrFauna is the name of the Recordset on the page.\rThis line is the first line that declares the recordset.\r\rUltraDev uses some sort of “connections” that work with the computer’s ODBC/SDN data sources.\r\rBrinkster doesn’t support UltraDev/Dreamweaver generated pages, probably because that connections thing. I installed an ASP example of Brinkster and there was no connection file.\rBrinkster shows the error message “Internal Server Error”.\r\rHere is a zip that contains all the files so you can inspect it yourself:\****a…/\r\rI heard there was a Microsoft program called InterDev or something like that, that works with ASP as well. My guess is that it uses a different connection method than Dreamweaver UltraDev so it might solve the problem…\r\rOK so the above is all what I found out about this problem I have, will it help anyone to help me???

I used to be a web developer for one of the worlds largest F-ups, I can probably help you with that but I need to see your files. Just from the sound of it I think I may know what your problem is…