Can anyone give me a brief overview of ASP.NET and PHP? I have read things online and have my own impression, but most certainly it’s like something for nothing because i’m curious about these two competing each other and its like the same, something like outperforms the said programming.

Another important question is: Which is really easier to use in developing a web application between those two? (esp. in creating forums/messages/guestbook/profile etc.)

a.) ASP.NET w/ its database backend is MS SQL Server 2000 and IIS
b.) PHP w/ its database backend is MYSQL/postgreSQL and Apache

Please anyone can give me some opinions of those two lang.


Althought I can’t really see PHP being compared to ASP.NET (PHP would compare to classical ASP, .NET is more of a high-end type platform) here’s what I can tell you:

The PHP combination is less costly than the ASP.NET Combination.
It’s not easy to tell which language makes creating the applicatoins you mentioned easier, differenet tools make different things easier (Visual Studio .NET for example is very WYSIWYG oriented) but learning PHP is for sure easeir by MUCH.

Also, I dont know if it’s just me, but when I was trying to learn ASP.NET I could find much online resources aside from the book I had; PHP tutorials/communities are all over the we on the other hand.

That’s all I got to say, good luck! :slight_smile:

They’re aimed at different parts of the market - PHP is better suited for small to medium sites (although you do have a few enterprises like Yahoo! using it). ASP.Net is aimed at enterprises.

PHP is probably easier to use, unless you’re designing massive web apps. If you are designing massive web apps, then you’d probably be better of using JSP or .Net than using PHP.

PHP is not comparable to ASP(VBSCript) … The latter has not been developed for years. M$ focused on .NET, while PHP is in continual development and is on par with .NET now that 5 is out and the new Zend engine. Plus the PHP libraries have grown exponentially in the last few years. They’ve also come out with a php compiler.

.NET is for high end solutions - it is extremely versatile and easy to use - it also allows cross talk between different server platforms and allows you to run applications written in other languages, such as C++, etc…

there are plenty of resources for learning .NET

those are just a few - but some of the best.

if you are going to be doing larger scale developing you will find .NET a lot easier to manage.