Atomz searching

hey i read that that atomz search bar tutorial and i saw that it was in flash mx and i only have flash 5. so, i try the .fla file with my flash 5 but when my flash 5 opens it says ‘Unexpected File Format’ would that mean the search bar won’t work on flash 5?

and i went to the atomz site and i picked the free site search service and it said that the free one doesn’t have flash capabilities. but it said that the free atomz search needa the atomz picture but kirupa’s search is flash… hm…

You can’t open MX files in 5. You can open 5 files in MX but not the other way around. You might be able to get someone to open the MX file and save it as a 5 then post it but the Actonscript might not be compatable with 5 so it still wouldn’t open probably.