Attaching multiple movie -- memory problem

Hi everyone
I am getting strange problem in Flash

I am on this frame where I am drawing graph inside scrollpane.
I am drawing each point after 1 second interval using setInterval.
When the graph has run for more than 3 minutes and I switch to other frame using “Start New” it takes 5 or more seconds for flash to do so.
By this time Task manager shows using more than 98% memory
Is it because the movieclips inside the frame where graph is drawn is not destroyed? If yes, how can I do that?
Also, can I set the scrollpane content to be empty at the press of the button?

When I commented this function the graph is running fine and also next frame comes up in a flash when I click on Stop simulation

function TooltipButton(positionX, positionY, number_buttons,message)
var sp = pane_sp.getScrollContent();
var tooltip_message:String;
sp.attachMovie(“toolTip_Button”, “button_”+number_buttons, number_buttons);
sp[“button_”+number_buttons].height = 10;
"+number_buttons].width = 10;
"+number_buttons].x =positionX;
"+number_buttons].y = positionY;
tooltip_message="Series "+message;
So, the main culprit here is this function
Is there anything I can do to avoid so much memory usage and time taken by flash to switch to other frames?
Also, is there any way I can print the name of all the movieclips being created by my program?
Thanks for any suggestions