Auto-Scrolling content boxes/windows

Hey everyone,
I had just completed my very first all ActionScript 3.0 website! Obviously, its one of those learning experiences where you sorta walk around in the dark for a long time (stepping on shards of glass, running into sharp corners, and cracking your skull repeatedly along the way… lol), but I came up with a few different things that (overall) I’m proud I got working.

One such example would be my content windows. Check out to get a better idea of what it looks like/how it works. But basically its a box that you position, size, then fill with your content. What makes it interesting, however, is that there’s no scroll bar on the sides, and the placement of your mouse pointer automatically adjusts/scrolls through your content. A good page to see a good example of this would be the ‘the Authoress’ page.

On top of that, the background fades between two colors (gradient) of your choosing to further the up/down scroll effect. Because the palette for the site’s content boxes is somewhat muted (black and… well, a gray that’s closer to black lol), it’s hard to see the effect, as well as the on mouse over effect, which highlights the particular content box whenever the mouse is over it. I tried to make it as open and adjustable as possible, leaving opportunity to reuse it in different projects down the line, but the cost to that is really long, ugly function calls, such as this:


If anyone’s interested in the code I’m more than happy to share it - get comments, etc. But I’ll warn you that 1. my code is newbie-ish and ugly lol, and 2. I ALWAYS shoot myself in the foot by not commenting my own code on big projects (trying to get better at it, I’m sorry lol).