Auto-update all components upon export (of any movie)

Hi All, my first post, I think, but I’ve been reading as much as possible and been snooping for, well, some time actually…couple of years.

My first question is hopefully a quickie: I discovered quite by accident (happy accident!) that if I create a logo file on its own (logo.fla) and then import it into my movies, while checking the properties etc. I can check to automatically update it anytime the logo.fla itself is changed. Great, one page, I make all my changes whenever needed/wanted, and my whole site can reflect those changes simply by going to each movie and publishing…

Now…what I’d like to do is make a backup of componentsFLA.fla and redo all components to suit my desire as regarding shape of each component. I’d like to keep the breakup largely intact so it can be further skinned per a .AS file setting whatever styles (use on multiple sites etc.). So I want to change the shape, let’s say of the arrow in the scrollbar and turn it into, uh, a bug eye (No, I’d never do that!). What I’d like to know please is, does each change I make to this componentsFLA.fla (the main one that comes with F8) get reflected (minus any .AS file coding for skinning of course) in ALL files in a manner if I choose?

I think I’m trying to ask: can I make it so that, after going in and skinning all the components in the main area that Flash usually reads (the vectors, not the setStyle etc. color changes per component or site or instance etc.), can I make it so my whole site, every time I open any file, if I’ve changed the component itself, that change will be reflected in the file I open, any file in my site, like when I change my logo, it automatically gets re-embedded (or however it really works)?

This would make a lot more sense if I let you know that, quite often, I am far from great with actionscript, and I rely on stuff I find here, for example. So, if I’ve gone and changed MY core components in the main folder, how can I ensure that opening something (UI2/F7-8 of course!) I am modifying (someone else’s open source stuff)…that I will get my ‘look’ thing happening by embedding the ‘stock’ components which I’ve skinned as my normal base?

I hope that’s not clear as mud…