Editing components

i tried editing a bunch of components, changed the color, some shapes etc., but when I tried to look at it from the parent movie, there were no changes reflected. tried exporting the movie, and there weren’t still. but I looked at the edit window again and they were there. so what’s up with that? should I edit the thingies in actionscript instead? (or can you really do that?)

btw some flash thingies for ya (hope I link em correctly). Enjoy!

i logged in with another name so that we won’t see my flash footer in each of my (hellespont) posts :slight_smile: anywayz enjoy (it’s in the post next to this).

ok here it is:

at last it works! sorry for the spam though! :smiley:

btw pls answer my query above, that’s what this thread’s for anyway :smiley:

I’m really not sure what’s up with that. It seems like that should work.