Automatic slide show

I am trying to built a slide show for my web page amd i took a look at the slide show tutorials in this site and in other sites and all i find is tutorial with buttons function but i need a slide show that will load external jpgs into a movieclip with an interval of one second each and basically they have to load and unload into each other automatically on a loop.i did one with all the pictures in one timeline but i have too many(about 100) and the swf looks good and play good but it is big(2.6m) i also try to look at the components for the slideshow but i am not at that level of knowledge in flash(i am reading my first action script book just now).
Please if anybody can help or direct me to a good tutorial it would be great , i feel that the solution of this problem is simple but i can’t get it.
thanking you in advance