Automtic Slide Show

First off I am very new to flash, but have coming to this board at least 3-4 times a day just to read and learn new things. Fabulous site with some very talented people.

Here is my question. I have a movie clip that works like an automitic slide show. When I say automatic I am refereing that the user does not need to press any button to see the next image. Being new to flash the way I did this was insert an image every 6th frame until the show was over. The problem being is that when all said and done the file is over 1 meg, and that will take way to long for anyone to see. Granted the 1 meg includes sound, but none the less. I know I am not being efficent in this and would like to get some feedback on how to do this better. Please advise…
I tried to attach a file, but I must be doing something wrong

ok… I have an idea on how to do this better. I can make each clip its on .swf, then create a main movie and use the following code on the first frame.


here is the new question. This seems to work well and I was thinking about adding this action every 12th frame or so until the movie is done. The thing is if I put the stop on that frame how can I get it to readt the action I want it to do on the 12th frame???

Any help would be great.