AWSOME pixle art tip

hate having to zoom in then out jut to see your work? well try this:

  1. Open a new image
  2. Go to Window|Documents|New Window
    this will let you see the image at 100% while you work at 1600% on the other one!

happy pixle arting!

Already knew it, but it is a good tip :slight_smile:

good tip! I also like making the Nav window huge while my zoomed one small… then I can drag around my focus (the red box) and (if you make it big enough) see decent real time updates of what I am doing.


I guess this would only work on res at or above 1024 X 768

cant wait to see what youre working on mdipi!!

I knew that I could have 2 the same files open like that but I didn’t know how… thx!

ryall, i started one, didnt like it, so now i am doing a diff one. it might not be as good as yours, but i think it will be cool. Hint:

What has cars, food, actors?

A drive in movie theater?

BTW: I am doing one of the mr. wong apartments mdipi :slight_smile: Thanks for that link, I will post my apartment when I am finished. Which at my rate of pixel art might take awhile, but it is my first attempt, so maybe I will speed up as I get used to it.

close lost, drive in movie theater. complete with cars! lol, yeah my mr wong was my first px too, i liked it, i messed up a few times, but it accually benifited!

Sweet. This pixel art stuff takes forever. It took me like an hour to get my sofa the way I wanted it.

And don’t even get me started on the plants… oye!

I am getting the hang of it now though… I think.

I saw the tutorial for the drive in theater on that site… you know… the one with the tutorials…lol. Ok, so I forget it, but I saw a link to it on the forum before.

Good luck with it, I know I couldn’t do it…lol. I tried it, failed miserably and just gave up in 5 minutes. That was a while ago, I now know you can’t do pixel art in 5 minutes, so I am putting more work into it and doing a semi-nice job so far.

yeah i did mine too early :frowning: i should tell mr. wong to wait for me but oh well. i forgot to tell him my name! lol! yeah i am taking the tuts, its just tips oh what to do, shadows and such, the marquee tool is AWSOME for it…