B.Rich v. Moncreyweasel v. Lion

This will be a 4 way battle and all the contestants are all set. somebody pls set the rules and who goes first!

Ok, here we go!

Order: B.Rich, silent.gear, moncreyweasel, li0n

rounds: 4

application: photoshop.

image size: determined by first serve

Time Limit: 24 hours.

source image!

Is this ok with everyone? Since there are 4 of us, jpg exchange will probably be fastest.
Tell me if theres something wrong with this.

looks good. although there is no theme. so is this an anything thing in mind sorta theme? but the rest is good. i like the setting and rules.

i dont really know what to say for theme. This would only be my second battle, so i left it open. Did you have any idea for an inparticular theme?

um nothing realy…this can be an open theme.

can a mod change the title of the page to the one we have in here?

ok sounds good… i will have mine up sometime soon.

k…will be waiting for it.

Follow the link below to find the full size jpg w/o any extra text.

Full jpg here

that looks good. hope this was a .psd exchange thing so i can add some more stuff to it gradually and not extensively.

so wait…wat size are we going for? the same one as the link or the picture?

I’d say lets do the smaller size.
And do you wanna do psd instead? The problem is I don’t have a place to upload a file of that size to, seeing as i only get 10 mb of space from my school. But yeah, should we change it to psd? I can always send the files over AIM or something.

do u have msn? if you do just add me at [email protected] and just send it to me there. and yes lets do a .psd exchange.

ok, great. Li0n, how bout you, do you have some sort of messenger program you can use to get the psd from me? Cause i barely have enough room to upload just the jpg’s… Does anyone know where i can get cheap (preferably free) hosting for my pictures and pdf’s? I have a geocities account from years ago, but you cant link to images from outside of your geocities page, they suck like that.

just transer to www.unflux.net is so cheap. 1.gb for as low as 8.95.

I have AIM, labattymatty is my sn. So are we passing the PSD. Or are we all chalking it up from the first image.
Is it necessary for Brichnibodesign to show me up like that? I’ve gotten no work done yet today because I’ve been working on the pic. All i’ve got on it is round 1. No one else did well there first time did they?

We are going in turns, in the order I specified in the rules. Silent.Gear will make his once he gets the PSD, then me, then ill send my psd to you. Dont worry about starting your image yet, you will probably want to wait till its your turn, since you dont know where the battle will go, design-wise.

edit>> B. Rich wasnt showing you up, he was just taking his turn, so yes im pretty sure its necessary.

Ok, I’m starting to understand. The comment about B. Rich was in good humor.
Good Luck

oh ok, sorry bout that, then, hehe. I was thinking you had a totally different idea about how battles worked or something. Although that would be a cool idea, all start from the same image, work simultaneously, and switch psd’s after each round.

good luck to you too, li0n.

i got aim as well, no msn… silent, do you got aim…?