B.Rich v. Moncreyweasel v. Lion

This will be a 4 way battle and all the contestants are all set. somebody pls set the rules and who goes first!

if we can get it done before sat, and if you don’t mind me joining, I’d love to.

Im in 4 sure.

If I’m welcome id love to join you guys. The battle im in now is on the last submission and I’m really wanting to do more.

[edit] CRAP! Brich beat me to it! [/edit]

go ahead moncrey, this is probably not going to be able to finish before Saturday when I leave for vacation. I won’t have any access where I am, so you take the spot. =)

Sweet! Thanks, man. Vacation, vacation… i remember those. Going anywhere special?

driving from East Coast to Colorado for a couple weeks. :smiley:

Thats funny cause my girlfriend is leaving for colorado the day after you to visit family. Sounds good, I wish i was going somewhere, hehe. I hope you have a good time. :thumb:

I wish I wasn’t so **** busy…

I’ll take a prod at it. I’ve never done this before, but it always interests me. Count me in.

this will be a 4 WAY!!! so here is the line up.


.someone can put in the rules for me. i dont really like doint it.

When are we starting, I’m anxious to suck!

lol…the way u said it sounds so creepy!!! im anxiou to suck…lol. well since i know wat u really mean i have no idea…i want somebody to set the rules and such and the starting image and who starts first.

can a mod change the title to wat i have in here. thx in advance.

i found a good picture, ill post the rules… still at work though, so give me 30 mins to a couple of hours and ill have it for you.

alright…cant wait to see it and is it ok if i dont go first cuz im still doing a battle with unflux but im still in this. just make me second or something but not first.

Ok, here we go!

Order: B.Rich, silent.gear, moncreyweasel, li0n

rounds: 4

application: photoshop.

image size: determined by first serve

Time Limit: 24 hours.

source image!

Is this ok with everyone? Since there are 4 of us, jpg exchange will probably be fastest.
Tell me if theres something wrong with this.

looks good. although there is no theme. so is this an anything thing in mind sorta theme? but the rest is good. i like the setting and rules.

i dont really know what to say for theme. This would only be my second battle, so i left it open. Did you have any idea for an inparticular theme?

um nothing realy…this can be an open theme.