B/W Photography Battle II

This is one that I took in Florida a while back.

The title of it is “who is a hero” because if you will notice there is a fire extinguisher next to the gas pump. Now I ask you this; who is going to grab that fire extinguisher and put the fire out if the pump is on fire?


[center]I took this over the weekend. (added a a small tweak)
This is one of the two mansions we were staying at for our sales conference in Cape Cod


Nice fester. I’m diggin the shot. Of course I’m a sucker for the arcitecture shots. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s mine, didn’t turn out as nice as I wanted in black and white and sized down, but I’m pretty happy with the color version.

Here’s the color version (Warning, almost 2 mb).

nifty concept there yeldarb

:thumb: thanks DJ

I am loving these photography battles.

Well I thought I’d have a go at one these here feuds. I took this Saturday at a local wildlife preserve. It did look good in color but I like the BW contrat it had, so here goes.

sorry, no digital, had to scan the 8x10 print fromt he darkroom now that i finally got to spend some time in there

ohoh. im in. let me find my beautiful collection :wink:

~Lacuna :love:

This is my friends yacht. Absolutely beautiful! I want one :wink:

~ Lacuna :love:

das cool.

Geez… A Yacht. How much u think something like that costs? Anyways, nice pic, you really can’t go wrong when shooting somehting like that.

I can only hope :wink:

btw when is this battle going to be judged??

~ Lacuna :love:

here’s mine…shot at Luna Park in Melbourne, Australia

Whoa, scary! Nice shot.

Very nice indeed

here’s mine… =)

It’d be pretty hard to get “nothin’ but net” on that one. :wink:


Ah hey guys, I’m back, sorry I haven’t been posting lately, just been uber busy!
I’ll keep the contest open for a little bit more, let’s get some more competitors! good job everyone!

thanks Yeldarb and aknatn, its a giant entrance to a fun park but in black and white it looks more like something of out of a gothic horror!