Official photo battle thread - 8.2.04

Okay, here is a rundown of the rules:

the subject is color. no limits.
the due date: august 10 (don’t want people to lose interest, but I have to give us film people a chance :stuck_out_tongue: )

post editing - keep it low, the idea is to use your camera to create, not photoshop.

anyone can still join, post your entries in this thread whenever. the original thread is

good luck!

can i send in my entry now?

did you take it that fast?

well, i have a picture i took recently. it meets the requirments of an entry for this battle, so i thought i could use it.

You’re allowed to post your entry whenever you’re ready :).

ahhhhh… this is where we post the images. didn’t realize it at first. there should be a link on the old thread to this one.

its at the top of this page…:whistle:

i i dont like the soda one. this was taken on the same day as the jones soda.

dufferin subway station. [ttc] rite after the subway left the station. sorry for low quality, msn member directory is my host, and i cannot upload anything larger than 1 mb.

That’s not what he said… he said a link on the old thread to this thread… not a link from this thread to the old.

Out of my curiousity… will someone make a battle page for this? That way we can see all the pretty colors together?

@Ruski, I meant a pretty little html page where all of them are displayed, w/o interuptions of the posts. I think it would just be nicer to show off some of these pictures.

umm, this is the official battle page.

I thought pictures had to be taken specifically for this battle…?
(Isn’t that how battles usually go?)

but this pic matches the requirements.

yea a battle page would be best so users dont have to search through dozens of pages. Which all the spam is sure to lead to. Kinda like I did the gizmodo contest.

But the point of the battle is to improve your skills :wink: How does entering a photo from before the battle was thunk up help you improve?

I would understand if there was a prize involved or something, but I just don’t see the point

Nice picture though btw.

I agree with ruski,…long as he took the photo and it meets requirements, there really should be no problem of when. But that is just my .02.

Yeah, it’s not a big deal hehe. I was just asking, because that’s how I understood the battles to work. Friendly competition though hehe.


Battle Basics: [list=1]
[]Challenge a certain member to battle you or request for anyone to accept.
] You can challenge more than one member if you like and others can request to join.
[]Each member will make submittions to post based on the theme set my a moderator.
]Your image in a battle must be new work not something you have already done!
[*]You may also choose to do a collaberation (collab) with 1 or more members where you all work on one image together.

[/list] (Emphasis added)
But it’s fine if you guys want to exclude this battle hehe.

it can slide, since the photo was taken a day or so ago. But no photos from like a month ago or anything.

ruski: im not really sure about the big text, it’s fine if it doesn’t take away from the image, but if you want you can put a border with info on it. just a quick critique :wink:

i dont know how to make a border… :(…should i just make the text smaller??

thanks yelly…for clearing up the rules. I guess I never knew that or forgot or something.

smaller text would work. like your name and date in the corner.