B/W Photography Battle II

Hey everyone,
since many people participated in the last B/W photo event, I’ve decided to host another one, and hoping for many people to join in!
Here’s the specs :

Image : B/W
Size : max 800x600
Due Date : Until I feel the time for a poll.
Rounds : 1
Rules : Just has to be a B/W picture of anything at all!

Good Luck to everyone, and let’s start this!

black and white is beautiful. im in.

How about sepia? Or black & white film run through a color photo processor?


give some more spsifice rules and directions

shoot, count me in.

I don’t need any more rules. Just any b/w picture man, best one wins. And YES I WILL ALLOW SEPHIA! Good Luck everyone.

sounds good, im still kinda upset i missed out on the last one. anyways, heres mine :

i guess i’ll be the first one, im still kinda sore i missed the last battle. anyways, here she is:

That’s great work dan! Awsome!
Here’s mine

a live photo from a rock-concert… can we have multiple submissions or just 1/contest?

Sorry it’s only one submission, but I’d be pleased to seem some more work. It rocks!!!

is that pic of doug from “built to spill”?

just something I took out of window of a moving car in philly

if that question is refering to my photo… no… it’s Mihnea from Luna Amara, a Romanian band

—shot on Ilford 400 film, red/uv filters, no adjustments made.

this is rather nice replode

thanks :slight_smile:

All right I’ll stick mine in.

[url=http://erikwoods.home.comcast.net/photos/section01/01.jpg]Here’s mine. Taken in Tijuana, Mexico. I love this shot.


let’s see some more entries! :slight_smile: